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University Hospitals Case Medical Center (UHCMC) is more than a medical institution. It is a dynamic, focused, and integrated network of clinical physicians, researchers, and medical students, dedicated to meeting the individual needs of patients, while advancing clinical excellence and knowledge in the field of psychiatry. Located in the cultural center of Cleveland, OH, UHCMC offers a unique and vibrant location for patients, professionals, and students alike. Combined with cutting edge treatment services, experienced clinical physicians, and nationally recognized medical programs, University Hospital's Case Medical Center is in a class by itself.

 New - Summer Health & Wellness Programing for College Students June-July 2016

 More Than the Baby Blues: Combating Maternal Depression

 Community partners in the Summit County Maternal Depression Network are spreading awareness, fighting stereotypes and treating maternal depression. Watch Video



The North American Menopause Society is pleased to announce their latest video, “Sex After Menopause.” NAMS Board Member Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg discusses the latest effective treatment for postmenopausal sexual health issues.Dr. Kingsberg is a member of the Women’s Mental Health @ UH team.

Watch the Video»